Harry Potter Hogwarts Dog Collar Bandana


Attach to collar Harry Potter dog bandana in black, with a white Hogwarts print

We use 2 pieces of fabric for our bandanas to give them extra strength and everything is top stitched, again, for extra strength and also durability.

Available in sizes from extra small up to extra large (please refer to Large Breeds for XL).

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Attach to collar dog bandana in black, with a white Hogwarts print.

Our attach to collar bandanas are so easy to put on-simply thread your own collar through and attach as normal.

All of our bandanas are hand made to order and are available in the following approx sizes:

Extra Small (puppy bandana)-16×10.5cms to fit a collar up to 3cms thick

Small-20x12cms to fit a collar up to 3.5cms thick

Medium-22.5x16cms to fit a collar up to 4cms thick

Large-31×18.5cms to fit a collar up to 4.5cms thick.

Our cotton bandanas are machine washable.

Please note that the pattern may not be an exact match to the photo. This is due to where the fabric is cut when making your bandana.

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