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Maybe I Am A Crazy Dog Lady After All!! (written by Allison)

I have been pondering for a few days now on how to write this particular blog post as I was originally going to write about ‘how to tell if you are a crazy dog person’, and so, for my research, had a look on the internet and asked friends and family for their opinion. What became apparent fairly quickly though is that I could actually be a Crazy Dog Lady!!!

Looking at a number of different internet posts from this country and abroad, and going back quite a few years, they all tended to bring up the same things so I devised my own list of things I may have been accused of in the past:

1-Some people have names picked out for their children. You have names picked out for your future dogs.

I don’t officially. However, if for some reason we ended up with another dog, it would be Dave for a boy and Gwladys for a girl. But that won’t happen so technically it doesn’t count!

2-You keep buying expensive beds and toys that you know will never get used.

This is slightly true. Although with Mabel, she just doesn’t use them properly. Take this photo for example. Here she is using her new giant dog cushion as a foot rest while she wedges her head down the side of the couch to give the impression to anyone walking into the lounge (me included) that there is a headless dog on the floor!

3-You refer to yourself as your dog’s “Mum” or “Dad” and think it’s totally normal.

Well I am! And it is! Although people in the park tend to call me Mabel’s Carer as she is a very special dog. There is the general dog population and then there is Mabel about 5 seconds behind!

4-You are very proud of the fact your dog has a best friend.

Mabel’s best friend is Nero Basenji. They have known each other since they were 12 weeks old and are seriously like a married couple! If one has a stick or a plastic bottle the other one has to have the other end of it. They even hug each other when they see each other! Laugh if you want but I know for a fact that this one is true and all you dog owners can name your dog’s best friend!

5-You know your dog neighbours better than your human neighbours.

I walk Mabel at a park around the corner from where we live and I could tell you 90% of the dogs that go in there and about 5 of the owners’ names. Although I do refer to the ones I dont know as Dad or Mum to whichever dog they are walking.

6-You have to leave the room when an RSPCA advert comes on.

Not just me but Mabel as well! I don’t want her to get upset.

7-You sometimes watch a programme because the dog has taken an interest in it. 


Mabel loves watching Crufts. She will sit for hours watching it. I’m sure she is looking out for anyone she knows!

She is also partial to a bit of the Dog Whisperer and sometimes watches Jezza as long as they aren’t shouting too loudly as she loves a good lie detector test result.

8-The “no dogs on the furniture” rule didn’t last very long.


How else would I get comedy photos like this then? As well as not knowing how to use her bed, she is rubbish in armchairs too!

9-You stress at the thought of having to be out all day and your dog being on their own.

Now this is definitely not me!!!! The reason being that when I am out all day working, Mabel either goes to Doggy Nursery or she goes to Nanny Joan’s next door!!

10-You have more photos of your dog on your phone than your family members.

This is true. However, in my defence I have to take lots of photos of Mabel as she is my model. Although she is now getting ideas above her station and will not pose unless I have a treat waiting for her. If it’s a good treat she may even smile for me.

Well maybe I am a (slightly) Crazy Dog Lady but Miss Mabel Doodle is part of our family and so will always be treated like the daughter I never had!

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